Technical Reports

Technical report 2019:1  Working on a warming planet

This technical report presents a 2019 study on the impact of the heat stress on labour productivity and decent work.


Technical report 2017:3 Hot topic

This technical report raises up a health concern related to hot climate and hot work environment, for both indoor and outdoor workers.


Technical report 2017:3 Extreme heat and migration

This technical report explores the link between heat and migration and provides an overview of the challenges faced, as well as possible ways to address them.


Technical report 2017:1  Heat Exposure and Effects on Productivity at a Garment Factory

This technical report presents a 2017 pilot study on heat exposure in a garment factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Technical report 2016:1  Climate change and Labour: Impacts of Heat in the Workplace

This technical report looks at the impact of rising temperatures due to climate change on the workforce.


Technical report 2014:4  Occupational Heat Stress: Contribution to WHO project on “Global assessment of the health impacts of climate change”, December 2014

This technical report presents a global occupation heat stress assessment for a WHO project, which started in 2009.


Technical report 2014:3  Hothaps-Soft: A tool for the estimation and analysis of local climate and population heat exposure, September 2014

This technical report describes the background, development philosophy and features of Hothaps-Soft and contrasts it to other software tools in that field.


Technical report 2014:2 Threats to occupational health, labor productivity and the economy from increasing heat during climate change, December 2014

This technical report presents a summary of the threat of climate change to global health, sustainable development and social equity from an occupational health perspective.


Technical report 2014:1 Hothaps Program Update, June 2014

This technical report presents progress on the Hothaps (High Occupational Temperature: Health and Productivity Suppression) program for assessment and prevention of impacts of climate conditions and climate change on working people.