Links to other Web Sites on Climate Change and Health Effects

Here are some web sites that provide valuable information and insight into climate change and health effects.

WHO (World Health Organisation)

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

WMO (World Meteorological Organisation)

SEDAC (Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center)

CRU (Climatic Research Unit)

A Clinician’s Role in Climate Change Awareness (Simmons University)


Global Public Health data on the web via Gapminder

The global and local climate data presented via Climate CHIP aims at making large datasets available for use and interpretation by both scientists and lay people at local level around the world. A similar approach was developed several years ago by Professor Hans Rosling and colleagues in Sweden. The website Gapminder gives access to very creative analysis tools for national health and determinants data.

Global and national analysis of impacts and costs of climate change:
A major report on this topic was published late in 2012:  the Climate Vulnerability Monitor, 2012. It contains the first ever comprehensive analysis by country of both health and other impacts and the likely related costs in US$ PPP. It concludes that the costliest effect of climate change already in 2030 may be the loss of labor productivity due to increasing heat in workplaces.

Climate Vulture: Sniffing out good climate research (Blog Site)
The posts are mostly journalistic summaries of highly technical scientific papers that are usually either unobtainable unless you have access to a university library, or are surprisingly expensive to view online. We are blogging about important research that usually didn’t make it into the news cycle [i.e. it wasn’t published in Science or Nature] and we give you the full reference followed by a link to as much of the paper as is available without a subscription.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards in the United States
Comprehensive article and video about the state of emissions from motor vehicles in the US.  The page takes you through the history of environmental law at federal and state level.  It took a lawsuit to get things moving, and it is California that has taken leadership of regulations and progress.  Emissions have improved markedly since the legislation took hold, creating space for optimism in the global fight against climate change.


Other useful information and resources