Climate Change Health Impact Profiles (Climate CHIPs)

A Climate CHIP is part of a series of profiles and resources of health impacts of Climate Change specific to geographic areas. There is a wide variety of information and data available of past and projected climate change and potential health impacts. The aim of the profiles is to provide accessible information and data on climate conditions of relevance to health and which health concerns can be raised in different geographic settings. The Climate CHIPs will refer to current impacts and potential changes in the future and will encourage and facilitate (by improved data access) local analysis of climate and health issues.

Each Climate CHIP contains a brief report that summarises the current health situation, past trends and projected future impacts of climate change in the selected geographic area. Accompanying these reports is a series of maps and graphs produced from Global Climate Model outputs and weather station data. These will be available as either a downloadable pdf or viewed on an interactive map online. The aim is to cater to different needs and interest of as wide a range of people and organisations as possible, from high school children to academics.

These CHIPs bring together climate modelling, health, population data and other research from many sources into one place to make it easier for anyone to explore the health impacts of Climate Change in their country.

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Maximum temperature and WBGT for India, 30 year average 2005 (1980-2009)The population of India for four age groups for the year 2000, total for 2000 and total population projections for 2030 and 2050