ASPO-USA 2007 World Oil Conference

Dear Energy Change Advocates:
We are pleased to announce that ASPO-USA will hold its 2007 World Oil Conference, October 17-20, at the Hilton Americas Hotel in downtown Houston, Texas. We have an exciting roster of confirmed participants including legendary Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens, Houston Mayor Bill White (former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy), Bob Hirsch (co-author of the groundbreaking Hirsch-Bezdek Report to DOE), Peter Tertzakian (author of “A Thousand Barrels a Second"), Mathew Simmons, (author of "Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock").
Other distinguished participants include Henry Groppe of Groppe, Long & Littell, Charles Maxwell of Weeden & Co., David Hughes of the Canadian Geological Survey, Chairman Elizabeth Ames Jones of the Texas Railroad Commission, Professor Peter Bishop of the University of Houston, Stuart Staniford of The Oil Drum, and many others. We are awaiting RSVPs from other high-profile speakers including Former President Bill Clinton.
Honorary Co-chairmen of the Conference are Houstonians Matt Simmons of Simmons & Company International, and Art Smith of John S. Herold, Inc. 
ASPO Week in Houston will consist of four days of energy discussion as well as field trips to a drilling site and to Refinery Row on the Houston Ship Channel, the heart of our nation's refining and petrochemical industries.
Nothing could be more fitting than Houston - "The Energy Capital of the World" - hosting international oil & gas experts to address the energy challenges of the 21st Century. We are proud to announce that the ASPO-USA World Oil Conference will be jointly Co-sponsored by the City of Houston and the University of Houston.
Our 2006 World Oil Conference was co-sponsored by Boston University's Center for Energy & Environmental Studies, and our 2005 conference was co-sponsored by the City of Denver and the University of Colorado Graduate School of Public Affairs. Both meetings were widely acclaimed by Peak Oil scientists, attendees, and media outlets from across the country and around the world.
Peak Oil experts don’t claim that we will run out of oil, but that we will run out of cheap oil, as production decreases and demand increases. They point to below-ground evidence and above-ground factors: the continued depletion of major oil fields worldwide drives resource nationalism, a volatile geopolitical climate, and rising oil & gas prices.
The deniers of Peak Oil say that technology, new discoveries, and unconventional oil will save us. If the deniers are wrong, we are in deep trouble; if the Peak Oil experts are wrong, we will have conserved and mitigated ahead of schedule. ASPO-USA says the latter prudent and conservative approach is the path we must take as a nation.   

A short Video Summary of the 2006 Boston Conference can be seen at:
Complete coverage of the Boston Conference is available in a boxed set of
nine DVDs with integrated PowerPoint presentations at  
Professor Peter Bishop of the University of Houston's Future Studies Program will conduct a conference session to explore scenarios of Peak Oil impacts on the City of Houston, the intelligent responses to mitigate these impacts, and the needed steps going forward to preserve the city's position as "Energy Capital of the World."
The Houston Conference agenda will feature technical sessions on Reserves and Production; Substitute Fuels; Peak Oil & Climate Change; Peak Oil Reports from the GAO, National Petroleum Council, and AAPG; a Natural Gas/LNG Update; a Net Energy Update; Mitigation Scenarios; Smart Policy Initiatives (local, state & national); and Smart Money & Investment in the Age of Peak Oil. 
Registration will open on or about June 1st. For more information on agenda details, speakers and activities as they become available, as well as a review of past Conferences, please see our website at

We look forward to seeing you in Houston,
Co-founders Jim Baldauf, Dick Lawrence, Randy Udall, and Steve Andrews
For further information, please contact: Rick Block, 856-845-0579, or email