ASPO-NZ has no political affiliation and membership is invited from all people and organisations interested in learning more about Peak Oil and in furthering the aims of the Association.
Membership subscriptions are:

$20 for individual membership

$15 for unwaged membership

$200 for organisational membership

Please note that all newsletters, invoices and correspondence will be distributed via email. You can either use the online registration form below or supply the following information via email to

ASPO-NZ Membership Form
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Download ASPO-NZ's full founding document and constitution

From members ASPO-NZ INC is looking for a personal commitment.

  1. You will work with ASPO-NZ INC and its members to promote and support the objectives of ASPO-NZ INC as a Non-profit, Non-partisan Research and Public Education Initiative.
  2. You have the ability and the means – including personal time - to make a positive contribution to ASPO-NZ INC.
  3. You agree to give your enthusiastic support to ASPO-NZ INC's mission.

You have acquired a demonstrated knowledge of, and concern for, the issues of resource depletion. The COPAD statement is an excellent summary reference.